mandag 21. september 2009

Friday Sketchers 70

På Friday Sketchers 70 skulle vi lage kort etter denne skissen:

Jeg har selvsagt kun brukt mønsterapapir fra Lemonade serien Til Basic Gray, har blitt virkelig forelsket i papirene derfra.
Her er mitt kort!

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Matthew Tripp sa...

Ethics (teaching tools) via ORGANIZED CRIME and The coordination of all University Environmental Studies programs

Social Multimedia Research aid Environmentalist Movie ALERT: The Age of Stupid Monday, Sept. 21st 7:30PM

I am attaching a document that is not about the movie directly but about a service I would like to provide for students of the environmental studies programs...

The idea here is to support the environmental studies students so that they are enabled to make the strongest transition to the global sustainability and fair trade.

This is the basic text you can skim before you open the document with color text and outline margins:

Student Social Media Research Assistant: Three cents per minute. {(donations taken + available for project investment + selection vote)} Ecology/Sociology students only. Soon =

Professional Discipline trends on Twitter, Facebook, and Professional media sites or databases/journals/blogs. Call: M.att ###-#### Google Voice #: ###-####

Developing list’s of people / org’s to follow + be followed by on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Multiple accounts require strategies. Example’s: Attacking the opposition, Spying on the opposition, Defending your field or corporate, Finding opposition’s espionage agents... ***Which could show or hide the timeline history of your well thought out sustainability activist communications and thereby provide background information in hiring choices. While more and more older or fundamentalist religious american’s put religious propaganda out against the sustainability efforts of the people (you) who are now trying to deal with the devastation via human created climate change.***

There is not enough time while studying; to sort through thousands of tweets which refer to further information... (and I can find context associations with your curriculum); also; which could require immediate scheduling updates for webcasts or events locally.

Developing real time active following list for current research paper or group project outline or abstract for more recent dissertation’s on future projects line of sight.

This functions as the transitional increase in functionality that the web will begin to automate the function of real time knowledge base updates of social media cross referencing.

You may or may not have research assistant staff in your new field and this will let you learn to administrate request’s for information on your projects and workflow... like having a secretary that sorts your email by priority for you at work (I think has this or is developing this now).

Laundry or Errands service’s

Laundry: 1 dollar per hour if I have wi-fi while doing the laundry (I can work on Social Multi-media data mining which is productivity) Errand’s will be 2 dollars per hour if I can do errands for 3 or more people at the same store or route)

I want to develop the logistics of this for helping with home tasks for: Elderly, Disabled, Poverty Parents, Single Parents, and Students.

Coordinating Volunteer training and Security applications in the community’s survey’d needs.

Coordinating to fill the gaps of current community programs and budgets of manpower, expertise, and tool library’s or funds.

Local grown food and life coaching for gardeners based on GTD, The Art of War FlashCard Deck, Ethics semantic tools, and The 48 Laws of Power.

Life streaming of education automation during neighborhood watch + Yardening, which could integrate development of interpersonal assessment throughput via local and internationally available education programs for localized sustainability.

Teaching elderly and disabled to provide education support online after the national broadband plan is released.

The idea here is to support the environmental studies students so that they are enabled to make the strongest transition to the global sustainability and fair trade.

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